Location:          London, United Kingdom
Height:              175cm (5’9″)
Weight:             70kg (11st)
Eye Colour:       Blue
Hair Colour:      Salt and Pepper 
Hair Length:      Short

Spotlight Pin: 1533-5613-0958                          Equity Member                    IMDb

Accents: American-Standard, American-Southern States, Cockney, East European, German, English-Standard, London, Northern, RP, Scottish-Standard, Yorkshire
Weapons training for Stage & Screen – Tactical Black – Combat Firearms and Hostile Environment Training Defender Level 1 Handgun.
Experienced in fight choreography unarmed and armed.
Physical skills include: Martial Arts training (Black Belt & above in WTF Taekwondo, ITF Taekwondo, Kickboxing), High falls (up to 10m), Boxing, Medieval Combat (performing in full armour), competent swimmer.
Full U.K. Driving Licence.
Full U.K. Unrestricted Motorcycle Licence.

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