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@ScottHindsActor one of the most amazing actors we have seen in #indiefilm. We do not say this lightly.
Continuum Motion Pictures

Scott is an extremely talented and professional actor I was fortunate to work with on The Beast Next Door – he played a big part in making the whole experience enjoyable and was a delight to work with. I look forward to our next collaboration with bated breath.
Nina Igbino – Make-up Artist

Scott did a great job for us strapped down in a torture chamber while being threatened with scary-looking drills for our game promo –
He was professional, creative and good to have around on set.
Rod Main – Director

I found Scott a very dedicated and hardworking actor. He understood the director’s brief and not only followed it sincerely, but added to it which enhanced the quality of the scene. (I-Proud to Be An Indian)
Neelesh Inamdar – Producer

I had the pleasure working with Scott many years ago. He was a total professional and very talented. He can only go from strength to strength.
Shane Steyn – Stuntman

Scott worked with me on an indie feature I did several years ago called Intergalactic Combat. Even though he was only cast for a small part, I was so impressed with his professionalism that I made a point of keeping in contact with him. Five years later he is the lead in my latest film. Simply put…I can not recommend Scott highly enough. I’ve found my Fassbender!
Ray Brady – Director

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Scott on 2 short films (Mars II and The Last Winter). He is an extremely professional and talented actor with a great sense of humour! I hope I’ll have the opportunity to work with him again sometime in the future!
David Danisovszky – Producer

Director of – Wako Siege -Darlow think Wako is the best Seconds From Disaster to date. I haven’t seen the final cut but hats off to you.
Steve Webb – Director – Doggerland –
Scott Hinds, as Jonny, faultlessly held his Eastern accent throughout and provided some of the best comic moments of the night.
Rebecca Paton – Reviewer

Financial Times Theatre & Dance – The Pretender Agenda –
“…Scott Hinds brings a likeable pathos to the aggrieved husband, and scenes between him and the urbane Piers (Ben Jones) have tension…”
Sarah Hemming – Reviewer

What’s on Stage – The Pretender Agenda –
“…Scott Hinds is an appealingly drippy boyfriend…”
Kate Jackson – Reviewer

Scott was an absolute gem to work with – both on and off set. (Mars II) He was professional with a good sense of humour and very easy to get along with. As someone who has less experience in the industry than Scott, he also offered some great advice in a very friendly manner. I’d love to work with him again.
Anita Gollschewsky – Actress

I was Director of Photography on ‘The Way The Lamp Swings’ and Scott was incredible to work with. I would love to have him in for casting in all future projects and i cannot wait for him to see the result of our production!
Thomas Hole – Director/DOP

Scott was the fight choreographer for a film I did back in 2005. The discipline and attention to detail he demonstrated during this shoot were second to none and since then I’ve worked with some of the top people in the film stunt arena!!
In addition to being bloody good at what he does, he also a really nice bloke, and that makes working with him a real pleasure!
Forbes KB – Actor

I directed Scott in Doggerland, a new play by Debbie Kent, both at Barons Court Theatre and then again at The New Diorama. It was clear from the off that Scott is a talented committed and nice guy. It was a small cast but from the beginning he managed to be both humble and creatively pro-active, generating lots of ideas. I also found him productively honest and creative. When things needed sorting or problems needed recognising, he was on it. He was always very supportive to everyone and to the play, which was hardly the easiest to bring to life.
With his martial arts background and his love of character what you get with Scott is bravery. He’ll take a character in new directions in a moment, fab for a director. I was also impressed with his affinity with the audience. If there wasn’t a full house, rather than losing enthusiasm for the performance he would revel in that intimacy and potential for sharing the moment with those that were there. I also found him incredibly generous and friendly. While he takes acting seriously he also enjoyed and revelled in the fun and laughs during rehearsals. I’m really not surprised his career is going from strength to strength.
Neil Smith – Director

I found Scott to be very professional in both his manner and the way he approaches his acting.
He is a pleasure to work with, he is very personable and has delivered a required performance time and time again.
Brendon O’Loughlin – Director

I’ve been fortunate enough to work with Scott on a number of occasions and found him to be thoroughly professional, consistent and likeable in everything he does. He always listens, comes very well prepared and is a joy to be around. It’s great to see him perform and the results are always exciting to see. He has versatility, emotion, warmth and power and I will be following his career with great interest.
Peter Just – Producer

Scott’s work on our film was very impressive. Always willing, took direction very well but also brought his own ideas and put his own stamp on the character – which the director was really appreciative of. Scott didn’t just do his job but collaborated with the team for the good of the film. A very safe pair of hands and a good laugh on and off set which makes for a prefect relaxed environment during a shoot. I’m certain we’ll work together again.
Andrew Start – Producer

Scott is an excellent instinctive Actor. He is incredibly focussed and driven and its a joy to see his career going from strength to strength. I have been fortunate to work with Scott several times this year and it really is such a pleasure. I am thoroughly looking forward to working with him again and I feel very fortunate to have met and worked with such a talented and truly lovely guy.
Sophie Walton – Actress

Scott drives a project forward with energy enthusiam and imagination. He is dedicated, alert to the needs of the production and his colleagues and I’m proud to work with him.
Paul William Miley – Director

I was fortunate enough to work with Scott on several acting projects, and I certainly hope I have the opportunity again in the future.
Scott is not only an incredibly talented and giving actor, he is the consumate professional. On a personal level he is always open and friendly, freely giving of himself.
Scott deserves every success that comes his way.
Bill Hutchens – Actor/Director/Producer

Over the years I have been lucky enough to work with Scott onset a number of times. His enthusiasm, energy and passion for his work is clear for all who know him to see. Keep up the great work.
Chris Jones – Action Co-ordinator 

I have the pleasure of on-going work with Scott & find his versatility & professionalism excellent…and the accents? Well, I think I’m with a different actor he’s so good! Thank you!
Danielle Speight – Actress