Scott is a versatile English actor who has appeared in everything from films and television, to theatre and commercials.

Scott has enjoyed praise from filmmakers and critics alike; described by Continuum Motion Pictures as “one of the most amazing actors we have seen in indiefim. We do not say this lightly”, and by writer/director Ray Brady “Simply put…I can not recommend Scott highly enough.”, from director Neil Smith “…what you get with Scott is bravery. He’ll take a character in new directions in a moment, fab for a director. I was also impressed with his affinity with the audience”, and from Financial Times Theatre & Dance reviewer, Sarah Hemming “…Scott Hinds brings a likeable pathos to the aggrieved husband, and scenes between him and the urbane Piers (Ben Jones) have tension…” and Remotegoat.co.uk theatre reviewer, Rebecca Paton “Scott Hinds, as Jonny, faultlessly held his Eastern accent throughout and provided some of the best comic moments of the night”.

Scott lives in London but hails from Doncaster in South Yorkshire.